natural and delicious

A healthy snack for the whole family!

Basic requirements for product quality are collected in GOST. These standards are created by the best representatives of the industry, specialized institutes and laboratories. To make our products even better, we have developed our own specifications. They do not conflict with GOST, but only toughen the test. All products comply with TU and GOST.
In the online store "EcoFarmer" you can find a variety of delicious and healthy homemade products made without the addition of any `` chemistry '' while maintaining the maximum natural benefits.
About us in numbers
0 sugar
or some "chemistry" used in production
10,000 apples
we dry carefully for you every day
8 farm
Kubans cooperate with us
c 2016 years
product safety is confirmed by regular audits for ISO 22000 certification
30 awards
received our products at various regional and federal competitions

We welcome the use of eco technologies by farms and the desire to preserve natural balance.

Our team checks not only the supplied raw materials for compliance with safety and quality requirements, but also the agricultural technologies used in fruit growing.

Why people choose us
Simple natural
The composition has useful trace elements without preservatives and chemicals
Eco-friendly raw materials
and fresh fruit
Made with love
in the Kuban
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